A complete kaleidoscopic journey through Madagascar. You will experience the full range of wildlife, culture, sceneries and interaction with local people. This trip will take you to the South East and South West coasts of Madagascar to discover its inland treasures through Berenty Reserve, a piece of wildlife heaven in the middle of spiny area with its colorful birds and its dancing lemurs and ring-tailed lemurs with a stunning nightwalk away from any pollution to meet the smallest lemurs in the world. You may dive in the Mozambique channel to enjoy the multicolor undersea life. Then overland journey to the central highland passing through the sandstones massif of Isalo and the Eastern rainforest. You will hiking in the UNESCO world heritage sites either to explore endemic wildlife or to discover local culture and interact with people. This tour will end up in Antananarivo.


  • Find unique experience with untamed wildlife in National parks and private reserve
  • Walk in spiny forest to meet lemurs and endemic tropical birds.
  • Authentic interaction with local people throughout your journey
  • Sample malagasy fare during hiking in Zafimaniry region
  • water sport or relaxing on the Mozambique Channel
  • Overland journey from Dry forest with baobabs to rainforest with exotic orchids.
ITINERARY: Antananarivo, Fort Dauphin, Berenty, Ifaty, Ranohira, Tsaranoro- Ambalavao, Ranomafana, Antoetra – Antsirabe-  Antananarivo
  • Accommodation in a double room on Bed and breakfast according to the program above
  • All transfer Hotel / Airport /hotel as mentioned in the program
  • Entrance fees and local guides in National Park and private parks mentioned in the program
  • Camping gear and full board during your hike in the Zafimaniry region
  • Transport with private vehicle with driver and fuel during the whole trip
  • Professional experienced English speaking guide during the trip
  • Tourist tax and VAT
  • All excursions mentioned as optional in the program: paragliding, rock climbing, scuba diving, snorkelling, any watersports
  • All excursions which are not in the program
  • All personal expenses, drinks, laundry, tips
  • Personal insurance for eventualities like accidents, theft or damage to luggage, cancellation etc
  • All flights and airport taxes
  • Meals: Lunch and dinner
  • Visa fee
  • A reservation requires a deposit of 40% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled. please click here for more details about cancellation policy.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid before departure to or on arrival in Antananarivo.
  • If Madagascar Tourism &Transport is in charge of issuing domestic flight, payment for all flights will be requested in order to confirm them.

This private tour can be customized according to your style. Any element can be tailored – activities, length, hotels and destinations

Day 1


Upon Arrival at the Airport, meet and greet by our representative. Then transfer to the hotel.

Day 2


 South of Madagascar, you will be transferred to Antananarivo airport. Then meet and greet by your guide at airport in Fort Dauphin .Then transfer to Berenty. Fort Dauphin was the former French settlement in the eighteenth century, nowadays it has the largest port in Madagascar and famous for ilmenite mine and the starting or the finishing point for any tour in the South East of Madagascar. On the way to Berenty reserve we go through rainforest with lush vegetation, rice paddies and funerary monument then you cross the arid and dry region of the deep south of Madagascar. Stop on the way to see  an endemic palm: triangle palm tree and nepenthes pitcher plant, a carnivorous one. Then the vegetation becomes spiny, you will discover many species of spiny bushes and trees, as aloes, euphorbia, didieracea, baobabs. You will pass by sisal plantation and cross a bridge over the Mandrare river before arriving in Berenty reserve.
Overnight at Berenty Lodge or similar one

Day 3


Full day dedicated to discover the Berenty private reserve which is set along the banks of Mandrare river. It is composed of deciduous riverine gallery forest dominated with tamarind tree and spiny forest. This reserve is the place to be for if you are keen on lemur and bird watching. It homes a thriving wildlife and an interesting anthropologic museun . Lemurs are leaping from tree to tree like Red fronted brown lemur, ring tailed lemur even in spiny forest like, sifaka verreaux dancing lemur. The night walk is thrilling with mouse lemurs and sportive lemurs flickering in the spiny bushes. Birds nerds or amateurs you will enjoy birdlife here with 103 species from diurnal species to nocturnal ones like Giant Coua, Madagascar paradise flycatcher, Madagascar Nightjar, Madagascar fruit bats, Madagascar Scops-Owl.
Overnight at Berenty Lodge or similar one

Day 4


 Drive back to Fort Dauphin. Within 4hours you will pass from spiny forest to rainforest. As you come close to the city you will get a scenic view of the hills surrounding Fort Dauphin. If time allows tour of the vibrant town of Fort Dauphin before heading to the airport then fly to Tulear and transfer to hotel.
Overnight at Nautilus Hotel or similar one

Day 5


 Day at leisure. Ifaty is a quiet safe town. Relax or active stay. It`s your choice. No set program. However many optional activities are possible and available like water sport, fishing, excursion in some islands, boat trips, motorbike renting. The hotel reception desk can inform you about them. We advise you as optional activity to do an excursion to Jardin des Roses, a protected areas of coral reef if you like snorkelling. This spot offers rich and colorful undersea biodiversity across its coral reefs. Between July and September, you may see humpback whales as well on the Mozambique channel. (at own expense).
Overnight at Nautilus Hotel or similar one.
Day 6


After breakfast, overland journey to Ranohira. You will drive by Tulear, the capital city of the South west of Madagascar. A guided city tour then you head north on the Highway 7. Spiny forest, small mud- clay villages and baobab trees come along your way. As you will come close to Ranohira, you pass through a gem village of sapphire. You will have a glimpse of the quarries from the road. Then you will reach Ranohira village where the Isalo national park is located.
Overnight at Isalo Ranch or similar one

Day 7


Today you are in Bara ethnic group territory. A full day visit in Isalo National Park to discover our Malagasy colorado. This park is the second national park in Madagascar. It covers 81540Ha. The massif of Isalo is sandstones rocks and its forms result from aerial, rain and sun erosions. The park trails can respond to any expectation from simple stroller to marathon runner as well as suit any nature lovers. Wildlife is rich and unique such lemurs, reptiles: chameleons, snakes, leaf tailed- geckos , Fosa, a hot spot for birds watchers and photographers either professionals or amateurs.
The canyons and natural pools inside the park shelter native plants like pachypodium called elephant foot,(a bulbous rock- clinging plant) pandanus, Aloe isaloensis or fire proof tree called Tapia, and dry forest palm called Satrana or Bismarkia nobilis. All of them are endemics to Madagascar and cannot be found anywhere else.
Overnight at Isalo Ranch or similar one

Day 8


After breakfast you will leave behind Isalo National Park and Bara people. You will drive northward to the central highland, on the way you go through Ihorombe plateau and savana, wide open spaces with zebu herd grazing in the hillsides. Then you will pass by the gate of the Southern region and redbrick villages. Granite dome will fill the landscape and rice fields in Tsaranoro valley overlooking the giant mountain of Andringitra national park.
Overnight at Camp catta or similar one

Day 9


Day at leisure inside the Tsaranoro valley. This valley is full of life both in wildlife and in rural life. This valley has many trails available to meet visitor expectations depending on pace, interests and physical ability. A guided tour through the Barabory Village will give you the opportunity to know their daily life, then go through the sacred forest where is a burial site for local people so it has been preserved from fire and logging and ring-tailed lemurs and birds are thriving in it. Then if you agree you can climb up to the Mont Chameleon to get a 360º view over the valley and the National park of Andringitra. The scenery is stunning. Rock climbing and paragliding are optional activities you may enjoy in Tsaranoro valley. (at own expense).

Overnight at Camp catta or similar one

Day 10


Early departure to get back to Ambalavao, on the way stop in a private reserve runs by villagers living around the park. This park shelters ring-tailed lemurs, chameleons, geckos and snakes as well as birds of prey. Then you will visit a traditional homemade paper mill called « papier Antemoro » where paper is made from the bark of a native tree. It has been inherited from Antemoro people, an ethnic group from South East coast of Madagascar. Then you will drive to Fianarantsoa, a capital city of Betsileo ethnic group which is the second largest group among the eighteen ethnic groups. You will visit the old upper town, a historical district reminding the monarchy period and it is listed as UNESCO world heritage. After you keep going to Ranomafana rainforest , in the Eastern region.
Overnight at Setam Logde or similar one.
Day 11


Full day dedicated to explore Ranomafana biodiversity through trails in the national park. Ranomafana means » hot water », before being known as a great national park throughout the world, it was famous for its hot spring.
Early morning start in order to get a better chance to observe the fauna. Lemurs and birds are actives early morning for foraging in this rainforest. Over 100 different species of birds are dwelling within the park such as Henst’s goshawk, Rufous-headed ground-roller, velvet asity, mesites or the threatened crested ibis. Arboreal, Lemurs are leaping from tree to tree through the steamy forest canopy. The golden bamboo lemur is the park star attraction among the 12 lemurs species living there like the Milne-Edwards sifaka known as the dancing lemurs, the greater bamboo lemur, the red-bellied lemur, the grey bamboo lemur, the red fronted brown lemur, the black-and-white ruffed lemur. As it is mid altitude tropical rainforest you will walk through steep hills trails with a local guide from Tanala people. Powerful waterfalls and mountain streams are cascading through the park. A part from a hotspot of biodiversity, it is sacred for Malagasy people, burial sites are located in. A night walk is a must to do here to spot nocturnal lemurs such as the greater dwarf lemur, and the brown mouse lemur, the sportive lemur.
Overnight at Setam Logde or similar one.
Day 12


You will leave the lush chain of rainforest on Madagascar’s east coast and get back to the central highland through terraced paddy fields and redbrick’s villages. You will carry on till Antoetra village. It is known for being the major village of Zafimaniry people . They are very skilful on woodcarving and handicrafts. Fancy for handicrafts visits and shopping here is the place to be.
Overnight at Sous le Soleil de Mada or similar one.
Day 13+14


Today we are heading out on the Zafimaniry country. Zafimaniry is part of Betsileo ethnic group. They are very skilful in woodcarving and marquetry. Zafimaniry people live on the border between central highland and the Eastern rainforest areas. They hold the knowhow and skills on woodcarving and marquetry. Their house are wooden ones and a masterpiece in its self with the art sculpture and traditional geometric patterns with its own meanings. This knowledge has been identified as Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2003.
After breakfast you depart for Antoetra, one of the Zafimaniry village. Here is the starting point for the hike in Zafimaniry country.
This hike is a loop starting and ending in Antoetra village. With our staff : guide, local guide, porters you will wind through ricefield, eucalyptus forest, hills dotted with hamlets.
During this hike you will go from village to village and will meet Zafimaniry people with their customs and tradition.
Stop in villages for visit : get to know their daily life: system of house construction, woodcarving and wick workers for everyday objects. All the houses are wooden ones and walls are interlocked with traditional mortise and tenon joints without nails, hinges or any metal hardware.
Overnights in campsite with tents near small village.
Day 15


After experiencing Zafimaniry villages, you will head back for Antoetra village then get on the vehicle. Once you reach the Highway 7, you will keep heading northward till Antsirabe. On the way you will pass through Ambositra, a capital city of handicraft in Madagascar. Drive through the terraced rice fields and red bricks villages after you will carry on to Antsirabe, a thermal city with hot springs discovered by Norwegian missionaries in the XIX century. A city tour along the main sightseeing sites like hotel des Thermes, a city architectural heritage from French colonization then visits of handicrafts workshops of zebu horn and tin recycling for car, bike miniature and handmade embroidery.
Overnight at Couleur cafe or similar one
Day 16


Early departure for Lake Tritriva on the west part of the city. This emerald green lake is a crater one. The lake is approximately 160 m deep. There are underground streams running between Tritriva and other lakes, providing a paradoxical phenomenon: The lake’s water level drops during the rainy season and rises when the dry season comes up. Due to the various rocks the water is flowing through until reaching lake Tritriva. You will drive through volcanic landscape and rice farming. farming activities set the pace in people daily life. The top of the lake is an eyrie position with a 360º view around the Tritriva region. Then You drive back to Antananarivo.
Overnight at Mellis Hotel or similar one
End of services
We hope to welcome you again one day on another of our tours.

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